Wood Fencing Lincoln, NE

Wood fences are an easy way to add beauty to your Lincoln home while also increasing the value of your home. About Quality Fence has been installing wood fences around Lincoln for over 20 years. We have a team built up of professional installers who know how to properly install or replace any wood fence. If you are looking to install a wood fence, contact About Quality Fence. We are Lincoln’s quality fence company providing quality fences for over 20 years. Let us help improve your homes curb appeal with a new wood fence.

Wood Fence Styles

About Quality Fence works directly with you to ensure that you are highly satisfied with your new wood fence. If you are unsure of what style of fence you want, don’t worry! We have staff who can help you decide which style would be best for desired fencing needs.

We offer the following styles of wood fencing:

  • Solid overscallop fencing
  • Solid straight top fencing
  • Board on board overscallop fencing
  • Board on board straight top fencing
  • Board on board overscallop and French Gothic caps
  • Picket fencing
  • Overscallop picket fencing
  • Overscallop picket fencing with French Gothic caps
  • Straight top picket fencing
  • Straight top picket fencing with French Gothic caps

Browse our gallery for some of our latest projects featuring all our different styles of fences.

About Quality Fence offers many different heights and styles of wooden fences. Whether you are seeking complete privacy with a solid 6 foot fence or looking for something just to keep the kids and pets in with a 4 foot picket fence, we got you covered.

Quality Fencing

Most homeowners know what material of fence they are looking to have installed in their backyard; it’s choosing the style that they often struggle with. That’s where About Quality Fence’s experts come in. We can explain all the pros and cons of each type of fence and help you find the perfect fit for your Lincoln home. We help you decide how far apart you want the posts, to the style of picket and size of board all to align with the style and age of your home.

Consider adding a wood fence to your Lincoln home’s backyard! They are an extremely cost-effective fence and one of the most popular types of fences due to wood’s versatility. Although they do require some extra work staining them, it will end up paying for itself in value and longevity. At About Quality Fence, we provide our customers with the best, highest quality fencing materials so they last for years to come. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that a fence installed by About Quality Fence is built with quality behind it.

Call About Quality Fence today for an estimate on a new wood fence installation for your Lincoln homes backyard.