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Many homes in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas are built close together or near busy streets, increasing the need for privacy and protection as well making it necessary to define boundaries for residential yards. At About Quality Fence, we provide free estimates and professional service to homeowners looking for an affordable fencing solution. Whether you want to add value to your home, reduce unwanted noise pollution from the busy streets of Omaha, protect pets and children, or ensure adequate privacy of your property, About Quality Fence has customized fence options to fit your needs.

woodAbout Quality Fence employs only the most experienced, professional fence contractors in Omaha to assist you in your backyard fencing projects from start to finish. We perform services including, but not limited to: existing fence removal and fence installation, assistance with the acquisition of permits, custom porch railings, and sprinkler line protection. We continue to make sure customers are 100% satisfied with our 1-year labor warranty and manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on fence posts, vinyl fencing, and more!


Types of Residential Fencing

About Quality Fence is your go-to fence contractor in Omaha for any of your residential fencing needs. Ask us how to find the perfect fence for your home or garden.


  • Privacy Fencing/ Security Fencing: Choose from over 50+ materials and fence panels to provide the perfect level of privacy and security for your home. Try a chain link fence to allow for security and visibility, vinyl fencing or a PVC fence for a low-maintenance option, a wood fence for a more traditional appearance, or an iron fence for a strong, long-lasting choice.
  • Decorative Fences/ Ornamental Fencing: Looking for a fence that will add to your landscape and provide a stunning aesthetic to your home? Ask us for customized wrought iron fence or ornamental iron fence to give a rustic, elegant look. If you are looking for a traditional, homey appearance, try one of our many styles and colors of picket fence. We also specialize in cedar wood fences that allow for versatility in structure and staining. The options are endless and can increase the value of your home.
  • Specialized Pool Fences: Ensure that your young children are protected from wandering into the pool area and keep out unwanted guests. Pool fences also allow for privacy so you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming without any spectators!

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Contact our offices in Lincoln or Omaha today to find the perfect high-quality fence at About Quality Fence. “We won’t install anything in your backyard that we wouldn’t put in ours!”