fence00038Secure Fencing for Your Home

You’ve made a great investment on your Omaha or Lincoln home, but how do you ensure you protect that investment as well as your family? Keep your home and family protected with a secure fencing system from About Quality Fence. Our secure fences allow you to enjoy the comfort of your backyard while keeping you safe from unwanted visitors or busy intersections.

Ever have those hot summer days where you long to be outside in your backyard but your nosey neighbors are always bugging you? Why not consider installing a privacy fence? Privacy fences allow you to use your backyard comfortably without feeling as though your neighbors are always peeking over into your yard.

Secure Fencing Tips

To ensure that your secure fence will protect your backyard, there are a few things you should consider. First thing to consider when looking to install a secure fence the height of your fence. Typically, fences are anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet tall. Obviously, the taller the fence, the more secure your yard will be.

Another thing to consider when installing a fence is whether you need to get a secure gate. A bolted gate lock helps increase the protection of your backyard more than just a regular gate lock. Gate locks are not always necessary, however, our fencing contractors recommend our Omaha and Lincoln clients to consider getting a gate lock of some type when your fence is installed.

Quality Fencing from a Quality Company

At About Quality Fence, you can choose from over 50+ materials and fence panels to provide the perfect level of privacy and security for your Lincoln or Omaha home. We work with the top fencing manufacturers around the country to provide you with the best, most reliable, and safest secure fencing for the exterior of your home’s yard.

About Quality Fence offers many different styles of secure fences for your home’s backyard. A chain link fence allows for security and visibility, whereas a vinyl fence made up of PVC fencing materials allows complete privacy with little maintenance required. We also offer wood fences or iron fences that provide a stronger, more appealing look to your yard.

At About Quality Fence, we know that no two yards are the same. When it’s time to install your perimeter security fence, we will accurately measure your yard to ensure that your residential property will be fully protected from unwanted visitors. We keep our prices low and our security high when it comes to installing secure fences for Omaha homes.

Contact us today to get started on installing a secure fence for your Omaha home’s backyard!