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Are you trying to decide between wrought iron or aluminum fencing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Just like any type of fencing, aluminum and wrought iron have advantages and differences from one another.

When you know how they differ, you are able to make a more conscious decision on what’s right for you!

Wrought Iron Fences

wrought iron fencing

A wrought iron fence surrounding your home provides a timeless classic aesthetic, invoking the feel of a European castle in the middle of Nebraska! Add a fairy-tale-like appearance to your yard with a wrought iron garden fence, or create a classical ambiance for your Colonial or Victorian era home in one of Omaha’s historic districts with an ornamental steel fence.

Wrought iron is a heavy-duty material that will last a very long time, however, it’s definitely not maintenance free. Rust can eat through an iron fence over time if it’s not properly maintained. 

There are ways to avoid your wrought iron fence from rusting. We suggest:

  • Regularly inspecting your iron fence
  • Making occasional repairs when necessary
  • Add a protective wax, sealant, or paint every few years
  • Having About Quality Fence install your ornamental fencing

That last one is KEY! About Quality Fence goes above and beyond for your wrought iron fence to guarantee it won’t rust or chip. Not only do we provide customized ironwork, but we also have a 9-stage coating process that prevents rusting and ensures a distress-free look. We make sure all iron fence posts are reinforced with concrete so that your fence can stand up to some of the brutal Nebraska weather. On top of it all, we provide a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, while most companies only insure ornamental fences for 10 years.

Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fencing

Aluminum is one of the more long-term affordable fencing options to pick from. Comparatively, aluminum fencing requires little to no maintenance over its lifespan. It doesn’t require any sealant or paint, however, you may choose to have it powder coated so it looks fresh for years to come.

Aluminum fencing isn’t quite as elegant or intricate as wrought iron, but they still give you a high-end look without the price tag that comes with wrought iron fencing. Aluminum is also a bit more multi-purpose, and since many people have different reasons for installing a new fence, it may make more sense for your situation.

In addition, aluminum fencing is eco-friendly, because aluminum can be recycled. It’s one of the only fence materials that are recyclable! Once it reaches the end of its lifetime, an aluminum fence can actually be repurposed into a new fence or something else entirely.

Have You Made a Decision?

If you’re looking for a new fence installation, whether aluminum or wrought iron, contact About Quality Fence to learn more about our complete ornamental fence installation service. If you still have questions, that’s okay too! Give us a call and we will be happy to help make the right decision for your property.

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