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If you’re a business owner in Omaha or Lincoln, you may be wondering if your business even needs commercial fencing. In general, a high-quality fence around your property can bring you security, privacy, curb appeal, and good acoustics.

While most businesses can benefit from commercial security fencing, there are a few types of businesses that may find them absolutely necessary. Here are some of the most common types of business and properties that benefit from commercial fencing:

1. Golf Courses

A well designed commercial fence can really elevate a golf course. It can help maintain exclusivity to a country club while also keeping unwanted visitors from tampering with the green. Depending on where a golf course is located, high fences and netting may also be required to protect the surrounding houses and cars from flying golf balls.

2. General Contractors

From landscaping companies to roofing businesses, most general contracting businesses have a large amount of expensive equipment. To keep tools and machinery safe while on-premises, it seems vital to have security fencing. The best types of security fencing are generally chain link or ornamental fences, due to the fact that it’s more visible because trespassers have nowhere to hide behind.

3. Restaurants

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Restaurants, specifically those with outdoor seating, generally require some sort of fencing. If you’re looking to have some privacy, wood fences are generally best. However, it’s also really common to use ornamental fences with a gate or two that defines the area and keep it looking professional.

4. Outdoor Concert Venues

Concert venues make a profit by selling ticket sales, so it seems imperative that you need some type of fencing to keep guests from walking in wherever they please. By installing a fence with a gate or two, concerts can control who enters, scan tickets for guests, and even designate lines for checking bags. Fences can also be used by indoor concert venues to provide guests with a drinking and smoking patio.

5. Sports Fields

commercial chain link

Whether on school property or in a park, a lot of sporting events require some type of fencing. We most commonly see chainlink fences used for baseball, but we also see them around the perimeters of soccer fields, tennis courts, football fields and more. It can also be used to regulate ticketing just like concert venues.

6. Farms

Farming, whether crops or animals, often requires agricultural fencing. Utilizing a fence to keep wildlife out and keeping animals and crops safe is a wise investment. Agricultural fencing can range from barbed wire fencing to electrical fencing, and what you decide to use depends entirely on the functionality you need!

7. Apartment Complexes

Protecting property and people’s belongings is also a major use of commercial fencing. Security fencing can also come equipped with automatic gates, giving and area more access control. That way, there is always control over who comes and goes. Steel fencing can be best suited for this because it is difficult to climb, has solid assembly, and is corrosion-resistant.

8. Kennels

It’s a pretty obvious one, but kennels can really benefit from using commercial fencing. Chain-link fencing can provide a safe, usable space by providing enclosures for all kinds of animals, including dogs and cats. This type of fencing could also be used in larger animal enclosures, such as at zoos or animal rescue facilities.

Does Your Business Need Commercial Fencing?

By having a professional commercial fence installed by About Quality Fence, you can guarantee the right fence is picked and installed properly to keep your investments safe! Contact us today to find out how you can design your own fence for your property.

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