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Whether you’ve just put in a new fence or you have had your fence for some time, it is still important to keep it protected over the winter. Snow, ice and windy days can be harsh on your fence, and to keep it looking new, you have to take care of it!

At About Quality Fence, our name says it all—we are dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality service and fencing products available. However, doing a bit of seasonal maintenance will have your fence lasting longer and looking better than you ever imagined.

So, we have compiled a few tips on how to protect your fence this winter. Here are 5 tips on protecting your fence this winter:

1. Cut Back Tree Limbs

Before heavy snowfall hits Nebraska, take a good look at your trees. Any large or dead limbs that are hanging over your fence line should be trimmed. Snow collected on limbs can build up and cause them to break, damaging your fence line. The snow can also melt off of limbs and then create a thick layer of ice once it freezes again. 

2. Keep Your Fence Line Clear

If leaves have piled up around your fence line, be sure to clear them before winter. Leaf buildup around the base of your fence traps in moisture, causing fences to warp and rust, in the case of an ornamental fence. It is also important not to let the snow pile up against your fence for the same reasons. Whether you are shoveling snow or the winds produce drifting, you need to keep large piles of snow off your fence.

3. Make Any Necessary Small Repairs

To help prevent wood decay, repair any cracks or holes in your wood fence with wood filler. If a board has rotted or suffered any major damage, replace it before winter.

For fences treated with waterproof paint or stain, test that your fence still resists moisture by splashing it with water or spraying with a hose. If water droplets stay on the surface, you should be good throughout the winter. However, if they absorb the water, you will need a new coat of waterproof paint or stain before winter.

4. Remove Anything Attached to Your Fence

Many treat their fence as a long wall to store yard equipment, ladders, kids’ toys, and garden tools. However, snow and ice will build upon these items over winter and be just as damaging as a pile of leaves on the bottom of your fence. If possible, move the items into a shed or garage to store over winter.

5. Prevent an Accident

If your fence stands near a street or driveway, protect it by adding reflectors to it. Motorists may have trouble spotting it, whether it’s a white picket fence in the snow or an aluminum fence in the long winter nights. 

Keep Your Fence Looking New for Years to Come

A little fence maintenance can go a long way. Doing some small tasks each season can keep your fence looking new for years to come. 

Contact us at our Omaha or Lincoln locations today to see why About Quality Fence is the best choice for all your fencing needs. Our service speaks for itself. Remember our motto: “We won’t install anything in your backyard that we wouldn’t put in ours!”

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