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Robert Frost said it best, “A good fence makes good neighbors.”

And while that is true, a good privacy fence can do more than make you a good neighbor—it can make a house a home.

It seems there is always room for improvement when it comes to being a homeowner. You obviously loved the house enough to buy it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without some shortfalls.

Types of Property Deficits

Property deficits can be a range of issues that decrease the livability of a home (or a business!) They include:

  • Eyesores
  • Privacy issues
  • Noise pollution
  • Unwanted intrusions

With a quality wood privacy fence, you can reduce if not solve all of these problems.

Relieve Eyesores with Quality Wood Fencing

Sometimes the things you can see around your house are out of your control. Adding a wood fence blocks them from your site, increasing the aesthetics of your own yard. Whether your neighbor collects junk cars or someone’s yard is always overgrown, you can hide it all with a privacy fence. Plus, there are so many beautiful wood fence designs you can use to not only block the eyesores but increase the beauty of your home.

Install a Privacy Fence to Decrease Privacy Issues

Whether your neighbor’s window faces directly into yours or you’d like to not see the junk in someone else’s yard, a privacy fence can do just that—increase your privacy. It gives you the ability to enjoy your yard and your home without feeling like your neighbors can see everything going on. Installing a privacy fence extends your home living area to allow you to enjoy outdoor living more.

Acoustic Fencing for Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can come from many different sources. Whether you’re near a busy highway, near businesses or just want to block out as much of the neighbors early morning mowing as possible, a wood fence is an excellent tool for redirecting sound.

A wood fence is hard enough to bounce sounds back from where it came. If combined with a wooden trellis and climbing plants, such as vines or roses, the effects become even quieter.

Prevent Unwanted Intrusions with a Privacy Fence

A wood fence creates a barrier, keeping children and pets in and unwanted visitors out. A privacy fence not only keeps strangers from walking into your yard but it also hides valuables to reduce your risk for burglary. The benefit of a wood fence is that you gain personal use of all your property. You can feel safe and protected while creating a private sanctuary.

Contact About Quality Fence now and see how we can transform your property with a wood fence today. We know that with our top-of-the-line cedar products, portfolio of wood fence panel designs, and quick and easy installation, your home’s shortfalls will disappear!

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