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Agriculture and Nebraska go hand-in-hand. Utilizing a fence to keep wildlife out and keeping animals and crops safe is a wise investment, regardless if farming is your business or your hobby.

Deciding on the right agricultural fence can be difficult—there are dozens of fencing products to pick from. Choosing what fence to use should be based on its function, whether cows, corn or something in between!

Here are some common types of fencing About Quality Fence provides that are unique to farms and their purpose, to help you make the right decision.

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire is the classic choice of agricultural fencing when it comes to confining cattle. The cattle associate the fencing with painful pricks and learn to steer clear. Barbed wire works fairly well for confining docile animals in large spaces, but can easily be broached by a large aggressive animal. However, barbed wire does nothing for keeping deer and other wildlife out of your fields. Overall, they are not the most attractive choice but they are highly effective for animals such as cattle.

Welded Wire/Chicken Wire

This is a basic agricultural fencing used for light-weight applications such as poultry or vegetable gardens. It can keep small predators such as foxes and coyotes away from small livestock. It typically consists of rigid wires arranged in a grid with joints welded together.

Field Fence

This is another type of wire fence, but provides extra strength because it uses a heavier gauge wire and crimped joints. It can be used for cattle, hogs and other larger livestock. There are several variations of field fence that can help with climbing animals or animals know to push on a fence, such as goats, steers or bulls. Contact a professional fence installation company to find out which type is right for you.

Horse Fence

This fencing is similar to welded wire fencing but is smooth on both sides to prevent the animals from scratching themselves. This is especially beneficial for horses that are prone to scraping their hides against fences. It is also commonly known as a “non-climb” fence.

Electric Fence

Electric fencing is an effective fence that uses insulated wires where an electrical current is sent through to deter livestock and wildlife. In some instances, it can even be installed inside an ornamental wooden fence. Electrical fences are not particularly dangerous, though touching one is an unpleasant surprise.

For a Secure, Professional Fence, Use About Quality Fence Today!

Omaha and the surrounding areas are home to many farmers and agricultural businesses, so make sure your livestock and crops are protected. By having a professional agricultural fence installed by About Quality Fence, you can guarantee the right fence is picked and installed properly to keep your investments safe! Contact us today to find out more.

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