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May 30, 2019
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Vinyl fences are one of the most popular types of backyard fence. It’s probably because they are easy to maintain, are fairly prices, and come in numerous styles to fit your home’s character!

About Quality Fence wanted to give you an insider look at some of the most popular styles of vinyl fencing that were installing this year because maybe one will spark your interest!

Vinyl Picket Fence

This fence is all about aesthetics. There’s a reason white picket fences are so common when people fantasize their dream home! They are simple, classic and elegant. And the price tag will agree with you! This style features pickets that are evenly spaced and can vary in height and picket caps. This specific style is very popular for pool fences or great as a dog fence for pups who like to view their surroundings. However, because of the spacing, it isn’t the best choice is privacy is your top priority.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

If privacy is your top priority, we recommend a vinyl privacy fence. These fences come in a variety of colors, and can be customized with top rail lattice, miniature vertical pickets, and more. It’s another style that will last well beyond 2019 and keep your yard secure and private.

Two-Tone Vinyl Fence

two tone vinyl fence

This style is the bolder sibling to a vinyl privacy fence. You still get all the privacy, but with an added touch of two distinct colors, one on the primary vinyl panel and another color on the frame. It makes your fence more than just function but also an extension of your style! It can still be customized with designs similar to the vinyl privacy fence.

Aluminum and Vinyl Privacy Fence

This is a cross between vinyl and aluminum fencing, but still vinyl at heart. This hybrid fencing features an ultra-slim aluminum frame around a vinyl privacy panel. This fence provides maximum privacy with an eye-catching look. It certainly is becoming one of the hottest trends in vinyl fencing this year.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl can provide you the privacy of wood fences with much less maintenance. The vinyl coating is immune to the growth that can damage wood fences. It still may need some cleaning, but in the long run it’s much more convenient.

If you want to design your new vinyl fence with professionals, contact About Quality Fence. We won’t install anything in your yard we wouldn’t put in ours!

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