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February 22, 2019
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The Right Type of Fence for Your Dog

fencing for dogs

Most people who have dogs consider them to be a part of the family, right? We love our furry friends, and that’s why for many residents, having a fenced in yard is extremely important.

Your dog may prefer to explore the neighborhood versus having a fence, but there are a lot of benefits for us pet owners to having our pups fenced it. Home fencing provides safety for your dog as well as gives you the freedom not to join your dog every time they need to potty. (And in Nebraska, that could mean braving some pretty drastic elements!)

But did you ever stop to think that maybe the kind of dog you have plays a role in the type of fence you should get? If not, that’s okay, because we thought through that for you!

The Jumper

If you’ve got a big dog on your hands, perhaps a Husky, German Shepherd or a Great Dane, a four-foot tall fence probably won’t do much in regards to keeping them in. Larger dogs can jump a lot higher, (naturally) so they require a higher fence to keep them in. For most large dogs, a six-foot fence should suffice.  

The Climber

Clever dogs can work their way around a tall fence. Even if they aren’t able to jump it, they may be able to climb it. For example, a chain link fence would be a poor choice for those smart pups because it gives them obvious foot holes! A solid panel fence has a flat surface, making it impossible to climb up.

For climbers, we recommend either About Quality’s wood fencing or vinyl fencing.

The Barker

Some dogs like to let you know every time they see something, whether it is the mailman, a squirrel in the neighbor’s yard, or someone walking down the street. The best way to combat the barking is preventing them from seeing everything else! Putting up a privacy fence not only keeps your life private in your back yard, it also keeps your dog from barking at unnecessary things.

Chain link fences drive dogs crazy because they see all the potential fun they’re missing out on! Privacy fences, such as a wood fence or vinyl fence, provides security to your dog and a more peaceful, serene backyard.

The Energizer Bunny

energetic dog

Does your dog have more energy than the energizer bunny? A secure residential fence could be exactly what you need. Most of us are at work all day, and even with a long walk, there’s not enough time in our schedules to give dogs the opportunity to burn all the energy they need to. Energetic dogs tend to expel their energy in negative ways, which could mean destroying your furniture or your home. Having a space, enclosed space in your own yard for your pup to play takes some of the weight off of your back! Not everyone has a large yard but that doesn’t mean a fence still can’t benefit your dog.

The Digger

For some breeds, burrowing in order to hunt small prey is in their nature. Others, may just like to dig! But the important thing is that the fence is secure both above and below the ground. Your dog may require burying chicken wire under your fence in order to keep them from digging under and escaping. If your dog has certain places they prefer to dig, try placing some landscaping rocks or planting shrubbery in the way.

Looking for a fence for your dog?

No matter what type of dog you have, About Quality Fence can help you find the right kind of fence that will keep them safe and give them a secure place to play. A secure fence gives you freedom while keeping your dog protected.

If you have any residential fencing questions, or would like a fast quote now, contact About Quality Fence today. We won’t install any fence in your backyard that we wouldn’t put in ours!

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