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Why Your Business Needs Security Fencing

commercial chain link

Can’t decide on whether or not to add a security fence to your business? Let us help you out! A sturdy, high quality fence to a commercial property can do quite a lot for business owners. Here are THE most beneficial reasons to install commercial fencing:

1. Security

Surprise! Security fencing’s number one benefit is security. But to elaborate, a security fence is part of the infrastructure that protects your operations, products and employees from unwanted intruders or vandals. It can provide safety to employees, the general public and wildlife. The type of security fencing you need may depend on the level of security your business requires, but About Quality Fence can help you every step of the way.

  • Access control is also a part of security fencing. Security fencing helps with access control but most importantly, the installation of an automatic gate can further the control you have over who has access to your property. Automatic gates can come with gate openers or be programmed with a code. This way, you always know who is coming and going.
  • Another subcategory to security fencing is agricultural fencing. Working in Nebraska, we deal with a lot of farmers and agricultural businesses, and we can help you as well! To make sure your crops and livestock are protected, we provide options such as commercial chain link fencing, wood fencing or vinyl fencing.

2. Privacy

Depending on the type of business you own, privacy might be an issue. We see many commercial fences installed for businesses located in a residential community that may seek the privacy and appearance of a wood fence or vinyl fence. We also see commercial fencing installed for apartment buildings or shopping areas that are adjacent to residential settings. You may also want ornamental fencing to keep a patio more private. Your reasoning for privacy may be different, but most businesses can benefit from the privacy that a commercial fence can bring.

3. Appearance

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again—first impressions count. And curb appeal is just another benefit to a security fence. Plus, there are commercial fences that are attractive at any budget. Either way we can coordinate to the look of your business to make it not only help with the security and privacy of your property, but also to the aesthetic.

If you aren’t looking for fencing for the aesthetic purposes, we also offer temporary fencing to keep your construction site safe. If you are working on a new construction site and are looking for temporary fencing, we can help with that too!

4. Acoustics

If your business is located near a busy Omaha intersection or a train track, you may desire a fence that will keep out some of the noise pollution. Speak to our fencing experts to see how we can choose the perfect fence to create a more peaceful work environment for you and your employees.

When choosing a security fence company, be sure to find someone whose focus is quality, such as About Quality Fence. Our highly-trained professionals have been serving the eastern Nebraska area–from Omaha to Lincoln and all the places in-between—for over 25 years! Our business has stood the test of time because our Omaha and Lincoln customers keep coming back for all of their residential fencing, commercial fencing, or fence gate needs. Contact us today to get an instant quote

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