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Thinking about installing a new fence? That’s great! Fencing provides security, privacy, and increased value to homes and businesses alike. But deciding on what type of fence to get installed can be difficult with so many options. Fencing can be made out of a variety of materials, including wood, steel, iron, vinyl, and aluminum.

That’s right, aluminum. There are some great benefits to each type of fencing, but to help you make your decision, let’s dive deep into the benefits of an aluminum fence.

1. Long-Term Affordability

Aluminum fencing is one of the more long-term affordable fencing options on the market. Due to the high quality of the aluminum, the fence requires little replacement and therefore lasts a long time. Once you receive and aluminum fence installation, you most likely won’t have to install another fence as long as you live there.

2. Little Maintenance Required

Each type of fencing requires different maintenance. As an example, wood fences need to be cleaned and stained often to keep it looking its best. Wood also has the potential to warp or rot.

Aluminum fencing requires minimum maintenance, as well as vinyl fencing. You don’t have to spend much energy maintaining it. If you get your aluminum fence powder coated, it never needs to be painted again, keeping it looking fresh for years to come.

3. No Rust

Ornamental fencing, such a wrought iron or steel, is strong and durable. However, a major drawback to some is rust or corrosion. Rust must be removed quickly or it will damage the fence, weakening it and potentially leaving holes.

Aluminum fencing is one of the only metal fencing options that won’t rust. If you’re thinking of a metal fence but don’t want to worry about rust, aluminum is the way to go!

4. Eco-friendly

Aluminum can be recycled, therefore making it one of the only fencing materials that may be entirely eco-friendly. Once an aluminum fence has reached the end of its lifetime, the aluminum can be recycled and use for something else.

5. Multi-purpose

People have different reasons for having a fence installed. Maybe it is to keep your pets safe, your kids from falling into the pool, or simply as decorative fence. Fortunately for you, aluminum works great for all of those! Aluminum fencing can be used to create stair rails, help define property lines, or ensure your pets and children are safe. You can even install an aluminum privacy fence if that’s what you’re interested in.

Have we convinced you yet? Aluminum fencing can be a great addition to your home or business, whether for utility or for cosmetics. If you are looking for quality fence installation and a fence contractor you can trust, contact About Quality Fence today!

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